How to Resolve iPhone iTunes sync problems

Are you running into trouble while syncing iPhone to iTunes? Do you want to know what causes iPhone iTunes sync problems? Then you need to read the information provided in the article carefully. iTunes is an important application for the iPhone and iPod users that has been developed by Apple Inc. it is the only software that serves as an interface and helps in organizing files and data from iPhone or iPod to your PC and vice versa. Syncing of files is usually easy but sometimes, iPhone users may find problems while syncing their device with iTunes. It is a common problem that may result in devastating errors with loss of data. It becomes quite essential to resolve the above issue for creating successful backup after knowing the probable causes of the problem.


As already mentioned above, iTunes is the best management software program that is used for syncing files and important data to iPhone and iPod. However, users may face the problem in syncing due to outdated or corrupted iTunes. Yes, it is one of the biggest cause for syncing problem and result in freezing of the device due to communication error. Virus and spyware can also damage the the system files and result in iTunes corruption thus ultimately leading to synchronization problems.

The other cause of iPhone iTunes sync problems is file format. Apple does not accept every video or audio file format. If the iPhone users try to upload WMV or WMA file format using iTunes, they may experience trouble in syncing. Connection problem due to faulty USB port may also result in the syncing problems between the device and iTunes. The users are advised to check their USB port and ensure that it is not heavily loaded or jammed. Some times lack of adequate system resources or faulty hard drive of the device is responsible for unrecognizing the iTunes and result in problem while transferring of files.

Solution of the Problem

if you are facing problems, it is advised to restart the device as it is the best way to reset the system components and drivers to over come issues related to iPhone iTunes sync error. The user should also use the updated version of iTunes to prevent such problems. Alternatively, users may also use iPhone backup software to create backup of the files and data stored on their iPhone.



Connect iPhone to system after installing the iphone backup software. The software will automatically detect it and will show the list of file from the iPhone.


Choose the files you want to take backup and click on export button.


After you click Export button, the under given window will pop up, you can choose either backup to computer or itunes directly.


When backup is finished a window will pop up displaying message as 'export finished' after which you can see it from the location stored in.




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  • Processor : Pentium Class
  • Operating System : Windows & Mac
  • Memory : Minimum 256 MB
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  • Internet Explorer : Version 5 or later


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