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Every one has received prosperity of technology in the form of mobile phones. iPhone is the part of this technical boom. We know mobile phones are basically meant for calling any one. It is not possible to learn entire number listed in your contact history. Contacts are very important for social as well as for professional attachment. Now because of advance trends mobile phones are the medium to store contact numbers of business friends or personal friends and family. Suppose if any one has lost contact details then he or she might face loss in business and money as well. This serious situation can be eradicated by one and only software whose name is backup iPhone contacts on Mac.

Backup iPhone contacts on Mac software makes backup of contact numbers and provides you method to escape from such kind of critical data loss situation. The process to operate is very simple and can be completed within little clicks. Backup contacts on Mac support “one click” facility thus it is well synchronized. Direct call is also featured by this software from contact numbers present in new iPhone in which details of contact was arranged.

One more important benefit of backup contacts on Mac is beneficial for two iPhone users. If you are having two iPhone and you need to have same list of contact on the new one as well then backup iPhone contacts on Mac is the excellent solution. From old SIM card contact can be loaded on the new iPhone. This can be uploaded in the new iPhone by clicking on one option command. With the help of backup contacts on Mac you can export or import any contact detail from any SIM and can backup them on to the other SIM.

There are some features of backup iPhone contacts on Mac, which are:-

  • From iPhone memory it backups all contact details on the system in a file.
  • Two different types of files are exported by backup contacts on Mac.
  • It also backup and transfer contact photos on the computer.
  • Full screen of contact snaps are exported by this software.
  • It opens the files on .TXT and .ANTC format on the system.
  • It provides password facility for ANTC file format.



Connect iPhone to system after installing the iphone backup software. The software will automatically detect it and will show the list of file from the iPhone.


Choose the files you want to take backup and click on export button.


After you click Export button, the under given window will pop up, you can choose either backup to computer or itunes directly.


When backup is finished a window will pop up displaying message as 'export finished' after which you can see it from the location stored in.




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Software requirement

  • Processor : Pentium Class
  • Operating System : Windows & Mac
  • Memory : Minimum 256 MB
  • Hard Disk : 50 MB of free disk space
  • Internet Explorer : Version 5 or later


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